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Re: Wheels

	exactly.  i read with pine, on a unix server, and once 
	you delete and purge messages that are tagged for deletion,
	they are purged from your mail queue.

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Ken Keith wrote:

:|Scott Sierakowski <scott@collectorspub.com> wrote:
:|> To who ever I e-mailed about buying my TSW Blade wheels, I'm very sorry
:|> but a co-worker was using my e-mail and accidently erased your message
:|> and e-mail address.  I now have a picture of the wheels.  Please send my
:|> your e-mail address if you are still interested in the wheels.
:|Well, did ya smack 'em?  The message is not in your "deleted" folder?
:|Which email program doesn't have a deleted folder?  Or, is it some 
:|kind of unix wierdness?

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