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Subject: RE: Subject: '93 90 cat recommendation?

Dan wrote
>Anybody got a good suggestion on what's the best way to go about
>replacing a bad cat on a '93 90csq? 

I have just this minute returned from the dealer (Circle Audi in Long Beach 
CA) in their loaner car.  They are replacing my right cat.  Service manager 
got AoA to pay for the parts (About $900) and I will pay for the labor.  Car 
has 91 Kmi.
The left one was replaced free under warrantee at 69,750 miles- Warranted for 
70K mi in CA- don't know about the rest of the world.  They didn't replace 
the right one at 69K mi cause it was not bad then.

I reminded them of the history.  It didn't hurt that my girlfriend happens to 
be shopping for a new car in the A6Q range . . . (Really, she is.  Can't 
decide between Lexus RS300 and A6?    Says SUVs are not!!! tall station 
wagons and does not want a 4 door family car-  She has ridden and driven 
enough miles in my 90 CSQ to know the difference, but still can't choose.  
Ah, it's her car)