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Re: Which Quattro to buy?

>My car is driven _hard_, and is maintained in as close as possible to
>'new' condition mechanically.

>Ur-quattro MB - 75,360 miles to 163,100 miles in 5 1/2 years:

    Hmmm.  Try an 4kq.  132,000 miles to 166,000 miles in 1 year, 4
months.  Not bad.  Would be more except for that dan Down Time where I
have to fix stuff.. :-)  Oh, and the Odo was broken for a few months so
probably more like One year.  Dirt roads at least a couple times a
week.  Curvy mountain road to my house that loves to smoke stock brake
bads when driven "spiredly".   I dont even want to look at Main Cost but
its no fair as that includes an entire new suspension, windshield, dash
upgrade, etc.