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Re: Which Quattro to buy?

Actually it was me (Rich) who stated adolescent because I feel mature
but am not a complete adult as of yet then againg I don't know if I'll 
feel like an adult until I'm married but nonetheless I feel pretty
mechanically skilled for turning 20 in early January...
Yes, I am very anal about trying to take care of my quattro
and it is my favorite Audi yet (my 5th) and have fixed every one 
myself do to the fact that I could never afford such wonderful cars if I 
took them to the shop and I did start out young helping my dad with various
cars and mechanical projects...

Rich Andrews
'86 4kq (my love)
> Todd....Sounds to me like you could scratch that "adolescent" label. At
> least where it applies to taking responsibility for your car.
> Doyt Echelberger
> 86 4kcsq
> 87 5kcstq
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
> At 12:17 AM 12/15/1998 EDT, you wrote:
> >Well... I have driven my 4kq through over 30,000 miles in less than a year..
> >Don't ask how... I drive EVERYWHERE... At least 1000 miles per weak of city/
> >hwy driving... Done several oil changes this year (over 20) I didi it once
> >every week when I first got the car for the first 4 months... Cleaned the
> >motor real well... Now when I drain the oil it looks brown.. clean enough
> >that most people wouldn't even dream of changing it but hey... it's
> >the cheapest thing to keep a motor running a long time... 
> >I also have put a new suspension in my 4kq strut bearings, wheel bearings,
> >control arm bushings, motor mounts, tranny mounts, springs (eibach tqc
> springs)
> >, boge struts, 15" rims, cam belt, belts, odo repair, alignment, tires,
> >clutch, headlight work (relay and 9007 conversion (xenon)), windows
> regulators,
> >door handles, speedo cable, tie rod ends, ball joints, muffler, headlight sw.
> >cruise control fix, Climate control cables, basic tuneups, diff lock
> actuator,
> >and probably a bunch of other things I choose not to remember at this point..
> >
> >All I know that if I had not done all of this work by myself I would never
> >have been able to afford to have such a nice vehicle as I own NOW....
> >
> >Pretty good for a 19 year old adolescent huh??
> >
> >Sorry for the rant and BW just had to,
> >
> >Rich Andrews
> >rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu
> >'86 4kq
> >> 
> >> >My car is driven _hard_, and is maintained in as close as possible to
> >> >'new' condition mechanically.
> >> 
> >> >Ur-quattro MB - 75,360 miles to 163,100 miles in 5 1/2 years:
> >> 
> >>     Hmmm.  Try an 4kq.  132,000 miles to 166,000 miles in 1 year, 4
> >> months.  Not bad.  Would be more except for that dan Down Time where I
> >> have to fix stuff.. :-)  Oh, and the Odo was broken for a few months so
> >> probably more like One year.  Dirt roads at least a couple times a
> >> week.  Curvy mountain road to my house that loves to smoke stock brake
> >> bads when driven "spiredly".   I dont even want to look at Main Cost but
> >> its no fair as that includes an entire new suspension, windshield, dash
> >> upgrade, etc.
> >> L8R
> >>     Todd
> >> 
> >> 
> >
> >
> >