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Re: Aeroquip

At 10:14 AM 12/14/98 -0500, Dave Aukerman wrote:
>Has anyone tried using Aeroquip hoses for the hyd. lines coming off the PS
>pump?  Interested in attempting due to leaky junction where rubber meets

i went to a pick-your-part and bought a complete set of used hydraulic
hoses for my car.
then i took these to an aero hose manfacturer and had him make a complete
set for me.
he cut the ends off the connectors, cleaned and replated the ends, welded
on new fittings and crimped on new hose.
pentosin hoses have been leak free for a year and a half now.

be very careful routing ss-braided hose since it acts like a cable saw.
you don't want to be cutting through brake lines, insulation on the unfused
rad fan power cables, etc.
i just noticed a 1/4 inch depression in my intake manifold casting where
one of the fuel injector hoses has been resting on the casting seam...