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Re: Battery replacement: 1995 A6

Hairy green toads from Mars made David Kroth say:

> The A6 is new to me and I'm considering replacing the 3.5
> year old battery as insurance before the cold weather really
> hits.  In reviewing the Bentely manual there is a warning
> on page W 27-1 (Volume 3, I think) that says:

Why would you want to do that? The battery has PLENTY more
life left in it. The original batteries in my '89 100Q and
'90 90Q20V are still going strong. My '95 A6 I haven't even
*thought* about replacing any time soon.

>    For automatic transmission vehicles, the transmission
>    control module (TCM) "basic setting" must be reestablished
>    using the VAG 1551 scan tool (ST), whenever the battery
>    has been disconnected or replaced during repair.
> What's up with that?  Do I really have to find someone with
> a VAG 1551 every time I disconnect the battery?  Is there
> some other way to "reestablish the basic setting" of the
> TCM without the 1551?

Hmmm, I didn't see that warning. I will take a look.


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