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FW: S4/S6 model year differences

I was generously sent this good summation of S-4 and S-6 differences over
the years.

> 	These are the differences as far as I've been able to compile- if
> anyone
> has any additions/corrections, let me know. This list is for US spec cars.
> 92 S4- 
>  Exterior: Steel sunroof, black side moldings & bumper trim, amber front
> markers, under hood light. 
>  Interior: Wood trim, trip computer w/boost guage, driver's side airbag,
> ABS on/off switch, infrared remote.
>  Wheels/Suspension: Stiffest (factory) springs, 5 spoke 16 X 8 wheels,
> rear
> swaybar.
>  Driveline: Highest incidence of transmission problems.
> 93 S4- Same as 92 except:
>  Exterior: Glass sunroof.
>  Interior: Carbon fiber trim, no trip computer, driver and passenger side
> airbags.
>  Wheels/Suspension: Softer springs, no rear swaybar.
>  Driveline: Fewer transmission problems, but still a potential problem.
> 94 S4- Same as 93 except:
>  Exterior: No under hood light.
>  Interior: Wood trim.
>  Driveline: Transmission problems mostly eliminated.
> 95 S6- S6 Avant added-
>  Exterior: Restyled bumper caps and side moldings (body color), clear
> front
> markers?, restyled mirrors, RF remote.
>  Interior: 3 spoke sport steering wheel.
>  Wheels/suspension: 	6 spoke 16 X 7.5 Avus-style wheels.
> 95.5 S6/S6 Avant: Same as 95 except:
>  Interior: Some cloth interior cars.
>  Driveline: Quattro IV w/EDL.
> 	The only S4/S6 specific weak point is the transmission. Otherwise,
> all
> normal Audi turbo potential trouble spots apply- bomb, turbo oil & coolant
> lines, timing belt, etc. The engine compartment is deceptively simple from
> the top, so make sure you take a good look at any potential purchase while
> the car is on a lift- the packaging density is pretty impressive from
> below.
> 	HTH-
> 	Steve Mills

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