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Re: S6 pricing

Not everyone who sells an S6 for "less than
market" does so out of lack of knowledge.
Some are willing to pay for convenience.
I traded my 95.5 S6 avant with 50k miles
in on a new A8 last month, after posting
the car's availability here and on the S
list.  No takers at retail, so I took
wholesale, or about $29k, since I wanted
that A8 before it sold.  The Audi dealer
may well get $35k, but he will have some
dollars and time in it, and that is why
he is in the car business and I'm not.
They also knocked over $10k off the A8.
Speaking of discounts, when I bought the
S6 in June of 1996 from a dealer, he had
three leftover on the lot, and discounted
each of them by over $6k ($49k list) on a 
cash deal.  Not exactly full sticker.

It was a neat car to drive.  So's the A8
(now with 17" Bridgestone S0-2 tires).   

Bill Knopf
Des Moines, IA