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Re: Battery replacement: 1995 A6

>> The A6 is new to me and I'm considering replacing the 3.5
>> year old battery as insurance before the cold weather really
>> hits.  In reviewing the Bentely manual there is a warning
>> on page W 27-1 (Volume 3, I think) that says:
>Why would you want to do that? The battery has PLENTY more
>life left in it. The original batteries in my '89 100Q and
>'90 90Q20V are still going strong. My '95 A6 I haven't even
>*thought* about replacing any time soon.

My dad's old VW Passat which he sold in 1997 still had its orginal
battery (15 years old) and we get some real cold and winter here.. Our
Toyota Camry needed a new battery this fall, the old was 8 years
(orginal). If the battery don't last more than 3-4 years, something is