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Re: Surging at 11 psi fixed (UrQ)

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:39:27 -0600, William Elliott wrote:
>[ ... ]
>My first step this weekend was to replace the other 4 plugs.  Unlike the
>first one, these all still looked new. (Bosch tri-electrodes, 8k on
>them).  I replaced them anyway and test drove the car.
>[ ... ]
>To my surprise, the car drove like a different vehicle (one without
>missing and surging... and willing to pull strongly to the
>I'm very surprised that these plugs which are known for lasting MUCH
>longer went bad so quickly... with no physical clues... they look
>great... not worn, cracked, etc. (Recent coil, rotor, cap, and wires)
>Any suggestions?  I sucessfully use Bosch (NOT platinums) in
>everything... Corvairs to Trabant to SAAB... should I use NGK here?

I've had exceptionally good results with the Bosch tri-electrode plugs
(WR7DTC) in my 1.8 bar engine. Is there any possibility that your
particular plugs were not the proper heat range for your car?

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq