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anyone want to part out a 5kt?

	hi.  my girlfriends mother has an '83 5kt - no q.
	it runs though apparently there's some problems 
	with the rack.  other problems too - the speedo 
	stopped working years ago, etc etc.  nice wheels, 
	good condition body wise, they are the first 
	owner and it's been maintained adequately.  heat 
	and a/c non-functional, and it's a slushbox.

	anyway, as you can guess, the resale value is nil.
	they are thinking of donating it, though would take
	very little for it.  this would be a great part-out
	car - in fact, if i lived in the burbs with a
	big yard i'd do just that.

	anyway, this teardown party that i just saw suggested
	gave me an idea.  that might be a fun thing to do 
	with this car, for bay area listers.  is there any
	interest?  i think the car can be bought for next
	to nothing.  exterior stuff like lights and bumpers
	and wheels are in great shape.

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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