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4kq Temp Sender - Location?

Now that I have repaired my busted firewall (thank you all for your 
suggestions and support) I can get back to the more mundane issues with 
my ’87 4kq.  Two questions:

1)  Where is the darn temperature gauge sender?  Mine must be bad since 
my gauge doesn’t even get into the sub-normal range, yet it pumps out 
plenty of heat and the coolant gets hot enough to kick on the radiator 
fan (I removed and tested the thero-switch.  It's fine).  I have two 
manuals; neither say anything (that I can find) about the sender.

2) Partially related to #1, I installed the thermostat turned 90 degree 
from what it says in the manuals.  That is, the bar-thing is horizontal, 
rather than vertical.  It seems to work fine.  Do I have to fix it?  

Matthew Brenengen

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