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Re: Surging at 11 psi fixed (UrQ)

>I'm very surprised that these plugs which are known for lasting MUCH
>longer went bad so quickly... with no physical clues... they look
>great... not worn, cracked, etc. (Recent coil, rotor, cap, and wires)
>Any suggestions?  I sucessfully use Bosch (NOT platinums) in
>everything... Corvairs to Trabant to SAAB... should I use NGK here?

<<I've had exceptionally good results with the Bosch tri-electrode plugs
(WR7DTC) in my 1.8 bar engine. Is there any possibility that your
particular plugs were not the proper heat range for your car?>>

My plugs are also WR7DTC.  They look fine (not burnt, etc) with the
exception of the one with a cracked insulator.  (Just as a point of interest, 
when I bought the car it had a set of Bosch Platinums in it... one with a 
insulator... different cylinder (#5 vs #1).  

Car is '85 UrQ, K24, IA Stage One, wastegate set at 14psi.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI