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S2 Rally Car parts pics

Hi All,

I posted this yesterday, but never saw it show up on either list, so here it
goes again.  My apologies if the original post shows up later.  Anyway, I've
put a few pics up on the net of our custom strut assemblies from Bilstein
with our custom brackets, as well as the 5x112 conversion utilizing the OE
CQ spindle assembly (required some machine work to get the offset correct).
You can also see a pic of one of our 12x1.25" brake rotor and custom shallow
hat.  There's also a couple of pics of the custom JE 7.5:1 forged turbo
piston and a Crower rod; excellent quality and fit on both pieces. Lastly,
there's a picture of the front of the car when we were building the new
subframe assembly.

You can find all these pics on

-Mark Nelson