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Re: some auto aerodynamics... was 4k conversion advice

Perhaps they want to limit trap speeds to provide a dramatic pause in the
level of competition.  I venture that as the current generation hardware's
ETs and trap speeds stabilize, and fan interest wanes, someone will
'discover' away to decrease drag thus increasing top speeds and revitalizing
fan interest.  Soon the drag crowd will be right down there with the
'beauty-contest-on-wheels' NASCAR crowd.  Can you say 'pro wrestling?'

Regards, Gross

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Subject: Re: some auto aerodynamics... was 4k conversion advice

>>never understand why the AA Fuel dragsters have their wings behind the
>>wheels as the downforce it generates acts to raise the front wheels.
>BTW, I've read that these rear wings absorb ~1200 Hp at trap speed (300
>MPH) on the Top Fuel jobs.
>Boost _that_!
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