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Re: V8 Climate control outside sensor

There are two sensors.  One is for display and one is for the CC system, I
believe.  The display sensor us in front of the radiator slightly to the
driver side (US) between the radiator and the grill.  The other is pass side
under the shrouding behind engine on top of the AC cooling coil box.

Lawrence C Katzenstein wrote:

> Hi,
>    Does anybody know where the external temp sensor is on a 90V8Q?
> I looked under the hood on the driver's side near the radiator and all I
> found were light harnesses. Also, what color is the thermistor? It might
> help me find it.
> Thanks,
> Larry Katzenstein

Roland Broberg
W319N657 Shagbark Glen
Delafield, WI 53018-2818
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