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91V8Q O2 sensor install?

How difficult is this?  I am ordering the manuals but if this is not a DIY
type of job, I will go to Audi service.  Car is new to me so I am just
learning.  Anyone willing to send instructions based on experience would be
greatly appreciated.  Can find a place to get it up in a garage so I can
work on it and I have some car knowledgeable people at my disposal but I
will be responsible.

Local car parts store ordered O2 sensor for me for $115 which sounded
reasonable.  Made sure to check twice that it was for a 91 V8.  Seemed to
know what he was talking about and was sympathetic to my pleas for the
right part.  He drives a Volvo and our town is nearly devoid of euro car
dealers.  VW is the main place and they handle Audi's too but sell only
about 12 a year.  No other dealers within about 90 miles.

I am the one with the sooty tail pipe.  If putting a new O2 sensor in helps
as much as people have said it will, I want it in ASAP.