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More 100 CS Questions

To:   rpf
I believe, and God knows I'm wrong A LOT, the CS came with the Bose stereo.
Check your speakers and see if they say Audi/Bose on them. If they do, then
I'm perplexed about what was in there previously. The Bose speakers have
little amplifiers in them and need another Bose stereo to work with them.
One of the nice little features (and I LOVE this, btw) is that the oem
stereo will feed data to the central information display readout in the
gauge cluster showing station frequency, preset button info, and stereo
signal. Its amazing to me how many times I look for that info in my wife's
CR-V and get annoyed that I have actually look WAY DOWN THERE AWAY FROM THE
ROAD, at the stereo.

If, in fact, you have aftermarket speakers, then the Bose certainly is not
the way to go. If you desire the info readout from the radio, though,
you'll need to hunt down a non-Bose oem stereo. They should all be
universal size, so fitting it shouldn't be a problem.

As far as the tires go, head on back to that fuel filler door and *push*
:-) The tire sizes are listed on the door. The fwd CS came with the 15x6
wheels and 195/60HR/15 Goodyears (which s*cked beyond belief), but you can
go to 205/60/15 on these same wheels. The quattro CS came with 15x6.5 or 7
wheels with 215/60HR/15 tires. I don't think its wise to go beyond the
205/60 tires on the fwd wheels. So now, going with a plus 1 conversion, I'd
say (after all of this), yes, 215/50/16 is probably fine.

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 42k mi

ps - you can order an owner's manual for $10 + shipping from the AoA site:

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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:12:28 -0500
From: "Rui Fernandes" <rpf@ricochet.net>
Subject: More 100 CS Questions

  Audi does things a little differently than other car makers  -- here lies
  the charm and character of the cars.  Those of us who are new to Audi
  ownership feel a little lost and thus have to rely on help from others.
  the way the first time I drove my car (the owners manual is gone although
  has all the service records) it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to
  the gas tank.  I am so used to remote tank latches that it did not cross
  mind that you just have to push.  :-)

  My 1992 100 CS does not have a stereo, by the looks of it the previous
  had some kind of pre-amp in front and amp in the trunk system (which he
  with him).  How hard is it to put a stereo system in this car?  I've done
  other cars, but never an Audi.  Is the OEM stereo any good?  Does anyone
  have the original that he/she might want to sell?  I live in the
  DC area.

  The other question that I have is regarding tires.  Is a 215/50R16 a good
  choice and does it fit?  And last does anyone have 16" wheels for sale?