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On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Ned Ritchie wrote:

> Spark Plug Help. . .
> Try W7DTC  Bosch without the R
> Or
> BP6ET from NGK

I'll second the W7DTC.  I had a hard time finding a set of these (had to 
order them eventually) but they worked well in my 5KCSTQ running 15 - 17 
psi boost with the EFI adn 3" exhaust.  I recently tried a set of Bosch 
Platinums and they fouled up very quickly.  I put in a set of Bosch 
tri-electrodes just before sellingthe car a couple weeks ago, so I 
probably will never know how well they worked out.

> My plugs are also WR7DTC.  They look fine (not burnt, etc) with the
> exception of the one with a cracked insulator.  (Just as a point of
> interest,

When I removed that first set of W7DTC plugs, I had one plug where the 
centre ceramic insulator fell down, shrouding the centre electrode.  
Other than that, I never had any trouble with them.  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey
No Audis!  :-(
Yet!  :-)