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Proposed List Etiquette items

Here are a few items for consideration in the proposed Etiquette FAQ

(Dear Miss Manners: Byte me!) (ouch)

1.) Please mention what year and model your car is when asking about a
problem. All Audis are not mechanically identical, not even within model
year of the same model. (Howzat for understatement?)

2.) Please mention WHERE YOU ARE when you say you have something to sell,
or want something, or are taking a car apart and want a hand. 

3.) When replying to anything, please remember to trim your posts - we
don't really need to read the same stuff over and over again. Also be aware
that some listers pay by the byte for this, and we need to remember that
while reading it over and over again is an annoyance, PAYING to read it
over and over again is a pain.

4.) Please don't add HTML or UU-encrypted or MIME-only (or whatever that
stuff is) versions of your posts to your posts. If you find that you are
doing this (or your computer or software is doing it for you) ask how to
turn off this "feature".

5.) Selling stuff - this is probably JUST OK if you are not a business, and
maybe JUST OK if you are starting a venture like importing Eurolights for
$200 a pair or something, but NOT OK as an ongoing advertising venue. I
think this subject has been treated by the Listmeister, because it hasn't
been much of a problem.

That's all for now. Feel free to use, accept or ignore whatever you like of
the above.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman