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'93 90CS automatic transmission problem

My addition to the recent '93 90 questions...

At first I thought the problem only occurred when the motor was warm (i.e.
driven from work).  But now I think anytime the car gets above 45 mph,
therefore going into top gear, shortly after being started that the anomaly
happens.  The true sign is when the motor shoots up 500-1000 rpm higher
going into overdrive.  At this point I know the transmission is in the
bizarre state.  Now it requires high rpm to shift up to the next gear and
shift down if you let the revs go too low (2500 rpm).  Since this problem is
not reproducible the dealer had no solution and proposed that it is a
computer problem.  They suggested a temporary fix of restarting the car
(therefore, computer).  This does resolve the problem for that instance of
the problem.

On Monday, I had a transmission service (filter/fluids) and this has had no
impact on the situation.  I have also, found that leaving the car in sport
mode (requires higher rpms to shift) and babying it that first time it
shifts into 4th decreases the frequency of the problem.  But I feel that
there may be a valve sticking or torque converter problem.  Any ideas would
be appreciated.