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For Bay Area q-listers...all others may wish to delete

Apologies for the WOB to those who are geographically challenged, you may
delete now.

This Saturday night is the 5th annual Holiday Light Cruise and Poker Run in
Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz). This event is for charity and is put on by a
local car club called "The Streetsters". The cruise is a 2 hour drive through
neighborhoods known for x-mas displays. There will be 6 stops along the way
where you drop a can of food in exchange for a poker card and refreshments are
served. At the end is an awards ceremony (for the poker hands), bonfire,
carolers, marshmallow and hot dog roast, Santa, etc. The cruise is to be led
by Santa and State Senator Bruce McPherson.

So far there are three of us planning to attend and it sounds like a fun
family oriented drive/car club kinda event. Any other q-listers that are
interested are welcome to join in. I thought it would be nice to have a
quattro presence. We plan to meet around 5:15 at the registration area. Plan
to spend about at least 2 -3 hours. The cost is $5.00 + six cans of food.

The registration location is at the MacDorsa City Park at Scotts Valley City
Hall. The way to get there is: From Hwy 17 take the Mount Hermon Road exit and
go to Scotts Valley Drive. Turn right. Go down Scotts Valley Drive to Civic
Center Drive. Turn left. Follow signs to MacDorsa City Park/registration area.

Happy Holidays all!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq