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Re: headlight trim removal?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Smith, Kirby A say:

> 	Below the headlights on my 1988 90q is a trim strip that lies
> parallel to the bumper cover just above it.  It appears to be held in place
> at each end by extending an attached stud through a typical VAG plastic
> retainer attached to the fender.  Is this strip removed just by applying
> force to the stud from inside the fender?  Does this typically damage the
> plastic retainer so I should order some in advance of removal?  Thanks in
> advance.

BTDT on my 100 :-(

There is a screw in the middle (look hard). The ends are VERY
flimsy, and mine are shot now, so the assembly doesn't really
fit right any more. The replacement part is pricey ($50-$100)
so I let it be. It's my old beater anyhow :-)


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