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RE: CV joint mixing

Keith wrote:

> accident (the one on the 4ksq had a ripped outer boot).  Anyway, the inner boot 
> on the one I put on is ripped.  It looks like you have to pull the CV off 
> the axle to replace the boot.  How do I get the little (well actually, it's 
> pretty big) circlip-type thing off?  What is the special tool to use?

Inner CV - a $1 Sears prydriver to pry the circlip off
Outside  CV - mallet to bang off joint

(is this right? Anyone.)

It seems if one has to replace an inner boot ... after disassembling 
the inner CVJ the outter boot can be replaced without taking apart 
the outter CVJ.  Just cut off old boot and slide new outer boot from 
the inner end of axle shaft .... I'm going to try this but don't know if 
it can be done.
Peter Gotseff