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Yet more Audi parts for sale/trade.

With all this talk of selling things, I'm reminded I'm still searching for
my lost garage floor and shelving space...  Time for another round of

'87 4000(q) rear window regs, $25 ea
'87 4000(q) front window regs, $50 ea
'85 4000q rear diff, large flanges, $50
'85 4000q trans, $150
'85 4000q brake master cylinder, $25

4000(q) power antennae, $35
4000q starter motor, $40
4000q strut housings, $30 ea
4000q springs, all four, $25
4000q aero headlights, $60 ea
4000q radiators, weren't leaking when removed...  $20 ea
4000q exhaust downpipes, $60 ea
4000q fuel dist assy, $40

'86 5000(tq) rear window regs, $30 pair
'86 5000tq rear diff, $50
'85 5000t ECU MAC07A, $75
5000tq intercoolers, some two port, some three port, $75 ea.

4000q OEM 14" alloy rims, set of four, $100
5000s OEM 14" alloys, flat faced with oval cutouts around edge, $100 set of

Misc relays, fuse boxes, diff panels, gauge panels, switches etc from 4000's
and 5000's.  Ask...

Here's hoping somebody can use some of this stuff, most pricing flexible,
buyer pays shipping, but I'll keep it cheap.  All items located in Central

Thanks much!

Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress)

!!! 45 days until STEAMBOAT '99 !!!
My Hakka's are mounted, are yours?