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Re: 2 piece 10valve turbo exhaust manifold

In message <BBF46448A508D2118CCA00805F156E93D45AEE@xch-cpc-01> "Lewis, Gary M" writes:

> Was the 2 piece 10vt exhaust manifold OEM on any Audi vehicle?  I was
> thinking maybe this part was stock on a 1990 200 turbo.  If not, when was
> the change made?

According to research I conducted on this very point for Roger Galvin
not five days ago, the two-part was stock on the 1989 and 1990 200TQ
at least.

We were bemused, because we already thought this to be the case, but
we discovered a one-part on stripping his 200TQ.

Obviously, the logical thing to do was replace the one-part (cracked)
with a two-part.  Actually, it's a six-part ...

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