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Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> I'll second the W7DTC.  I had a hard time finding a set of these (had to
> order them eventually) but they worked well in my 5KCSTQ running 15 - 17
> psi boost with the EFI adn 3" exhaust.  I recently tried a set of Bosch
> Platinums and they fouled up very quickly.  I put in a set of Bosch
> tri-electrodes just before selling the car a couple weeks ago, so I
> probably will never know how well they worked out.

Graydon, sure you will.  I have about 500 miles on the car since
I bought it from you; how long before I would notice any fouling?
I have noticed an occasional hiccup when I get on the gas with the
revs below 3000, but it runs strong and smooth otherwise...  (Er,
maybe I should emphasize *STRONG*?)

> No Audis!  :-(
> Yet!  :-)

Well, hurry up :).

Eric Fahlgren

The Murphy-Fahlgren Family            Try to take over the world.
efhome@adams.com                                  Canton, MI, USA