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Re: '90 CQ A/C Evaporator

At 12:46 PM -0800 12/16/98, Eric Renneisen wrote:
>Well, the verdict is in. The A/C shop says that my slow R12 leak is
>the evaporator. I told them to leave the system empty, and I would
>and install a new one. So, here are my questions:
>Can the evaporator be welded/sealed?
>Where is a good place to get a new one? (I'll be checking with all the
>usual vendors.)

Be carefull with this.  I had a (trusted) shop tell me that and it was
actually the condensor.  I took it to three different places to have it
checked out.  The evaporator is +/- $900, but it can be weld IF you find
the right shop.  BTW, it is a PITA to take out and is very, very much
labor.  It was described to me as "they put the evaporator on the ground
and build the car around it..."

I replaced the condensor on my car first, since that was more likely to be
a problem.... Bought mine at GPR in August.  I don't recall the exact
price, but it was upwards of $300...  Replaced it myself and had the
mechanic fill it.  Left the drier alone, and had the system vaccumed for
extra long.  Works great now.

If you do have to replace the condensor, make sure you clean everything
really well before putting it back together.  I know that during my
investigations, I noticed there was a lot of crud in all of the fins.


'90 CQ