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86 5kcdtq heater and assorted queries

New to the list and to Audis.  I have several questions concerning these
cars.  My model is a 1986 5kcdtq with 260,000 km showing, it is in excellent
visual condition but some of the systems are tired and need renovating.  As
a result I request the assistance of this wise and obviously experienced

1. Climate control.  My system is without a working A/C compressor and was
working in default mode providing hot air through defrost vents and
footwells.  While driving the other day there was a brief period of warm air
from the center and side dash vents followed by cool air from the defrost
vents.  Now the cool air has taken over and I no longer have warm air
circulation.  Any suggestions?

2. Am replacing the front and rear shocks.  have located a set of '92 front
struts and am wondering if these will work on my '86 5k.

3. Clutch seems to need an extraordinary amount of pressure through pedal.
Is this the norm or should I start looking for a clutch kit and a hoist to

4.  When removing my foot from the gas pedal while driving the driveline
seems to "jolt" after it stops pulling.  I am suspecting that the engine and
tranny mounts and suspension mounts and bushings are finished (the car has
260,000 km on it).  Are there any obvious trouble spots that may relate to
this problem.

5. I gather that the Bentley manual for this car is a must have.  I have
found one Canadian seller offering it for $159.95 (approx $105 US) is ther
any cheaper sources?

Thanks in advance for any help.  I am enjoying following the daily
conversations and must say that I have absorbed an incredible amount of
information on these cars in a very short time.

Best Fishes,
Al Moss    email: ifish@oberon.ark.com
Campbell River, BC 1986 5kcdtq