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Re: A4 isn't so special

>From what I've read and heard, to get to 240, you need the K04 turbo to
replace the smaller K03 stock turbo (I hope I have my numbers right). It's
sold by - among others - Greedspeed.

- peter

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 09:54:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Jon Roberts <jgr@iglou.com>
Subject: A4 isn't so special

Well I had asked some questions about the A4.  Got the answers and now I'm
thinking there isn't much knowledge shared about this car.
1.  it uses a MAS sensor.  Therefore, only 1 chip is needed to raise fuel
cut.  The only time a new chip is needed is when larger injectors are used. 
2.  Boost should be controled by a bleeder valve not the ECU.  (Turbo 
Magazine used a EVC to control boost in an A4)
3.  This bullshit of re-tuning the ECU for every little mod is crazy.  When
you add a free flowing exhaust, the hp goes up.  No re-tune of the ECU chip
should be needed.  The MAS will see more air pass through it and send a 
larger signal to the ECU which will in turn, send more fuel into the engine.
(that isn't too hard to understand)  

Some more questions:

1.  Anyone try to get rid of the MAS and use an HKS VPC?  
2.  Anyone in America selling exhausts for the car?  I can't imagine
paying $500 for a cat back exhaust.  That is crazy.  
3.  How large are the factory intercooler pipes and how big is the factory
4.  How larger is the factory exhuast?  2.25"? 

It seems that around 240 hp would be an easy mark to hit with this car.  You
would need the following things:
1.  P-Chip
2.  bleeder valve
3.  boost gauge
4.  turbo back 2.5" exhaust with test pipe (no cat) 
5.  port work to turbo, exhaust manifold, and anything else that might be
6.  K&N
7.  maybe hotter plugs (depends on detonation)

If you did the work yourself, that would EASILY be under $1000.  

GVR4 1833/2000