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Re: The more I think I understand this car...The more I realize I don't


Followed your advice to inspect vac. lines and found a dangling plug. Can't
find where it goes, but bet it has a lot to do with my problem. It is in the
same sheath as the plug which goes to what I think is the cold start valve.
There is very little slack in the wire, so it limits the possibilities of
where it belongs. Hangs around WOT switch. I looked all over for its home but
cant find it. Bentley and Edmunds didn't help either. The plug has two wires
and looks like the type that goes to the ISV. CAN ANYONE HELP?  BTW it is an
86 4KS.


In a message dated 12/17/98 10:59:40 AM Eastern Standard Time, Jason-
aamodt@utulsa.edu writes:

<< Jeff - 
 I had the same problem on my 5000 (87).  It was a vaccuum hose leak.  I took
 all of the hoses off - marking their position - and inspected them manually.
 It really wasn't too difficult.  Found 3 bad hoses - the one contributing
 the most was a t-shaped affair with a curve just below the main idle
 controler.  It connects the unit to the valve cover and, as I remember to
 the crankcase vent.  Went to a junk yard (in my wife's car) and found a
 fresh set of hoses in a junked car where it seemed that the owner had
 previously dealt with the same problem.  Total cost - $20 and 1 Saturday
 morning!  I hope you find the same!
 At 08:12 AM 12/17/1998 EST, you wrote:
 >Hey Guys,
 >Maybe someone can help. Thought I had this one licked, but it's back &
 >Rough idle, drops to 800 RPM then back to 1000 sometimes bad, sometimes not,
 >usually once, sometimes multiple times when clutching approaching a stop,
 >Engine groans a sick sound as well at appx 3000 RPM. Seemed cured when I re-
 >gapped 2 of my 4 Bosch triple electrode plugs. Only one electrode on each
 >gapped way too small and had black deposits. Problem is back & better than
 >How to test / clean or otherwise verify ISV
 >How to check for vacuum leaks
 >Is dipstick seal, other oil system related vacuum leaks an issue here (86
 >Anything else to check?
 >If sparkplug gap had effect last time, seems maybe all ignition related
 >components should be checked. Any suggestions? Comments?