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Euro Lights for Ur-q

I was going to order a set of 4"X6" H1, H4 lights for my Ur-q, but after
seeing the post about Euro lights and pricing of H1 H4 Euro lights for 4000's
I am wondering what else would be needed to change over for my '84 Ur-q.  Do I
nee a new ( later,sloped style ) grill?  Is this a easy swap?  I had thought
about H4's only Euro lights but I do not like the way it looks ( IMHO ) even
though they are not all that expensive. I think the H1 H4 euro's ae the cats
meow.  One of these days I will have lights on the Ur-q that are as good as
the Euro's I have on the 5Ktq.


'84 Ur-q ( Old 4" X 6" sealed beams)
'87 5Kt (Euro H1 H4 lights)