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Re: Help T200Q on nuts

Ok O2 sensor has no affect on starting.....
o2 sensor does not kick in until the engine has warmed up!
It runs in closed loop (ignores o2) until it warms up and then
goes into open loop mode...

> I had a similar problem once with my 87 5Kq. The no-start problem started
> during a heavy rain storm and it seems water was running along the inside of
> the hood a dripping on things including the distributor cap. It started once
> but wouldn't start again about two hours later.  The cap was old enough and
> worn enough that blue sparks could be seen jumping all over the place when
> the engine was cranking. I replaced the cap and cleaned some debris from the
> weather stripping at the windshield end of the hood and haven't had the
> problem since. Often, damaged/cracked dist caps don't give trouble until
> there is a change in weather and things shrink or expand, if it has recently
> turned extra cold in your area that could be your problem. Crank/ run the
> engine in the dark and look under the hood for sparks or arcing, try
> spraying a very fine mist of water under the hood while doing this if you
> like.
> Good luck,
> Dan!!!
> >In message <199812171117.DAA21460@mt.arias.net> "Romeo Shayne Pavlic'"
> writes:
> >
> >> I have never seen or heard of this happening.  My 200 refused to start.
> >> It cranked and cranked and cranked.  Nothing.  All of a sudden vroom it
> >> started and a puff of smoke came spewing out of the tail pipe.  Could the
> O2
> >> be shot?  Any Ideas as to what is happening here?