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RE: s6

Sigh.  My comment is poorly written, therefore your point is both accurate
and unrefutable.  

However, my comment was intended to refer to the global availability of the
"US/CDN/etc low-power S6 version" versus the global availability of the "RS2
Porsche / Audi".   I would be interested to know total production for these
cars globally and requisite pricing.  I know there are figures posted for
the RS2 around and Dave E has now given a 22% depreciation example.  What's
the relationship in depreciation for the much more common S6 (and S6 plus
for that matter) elsewhere?

If nothing else my complaints have raised the ire of a number of you actual
owners out there.  It's nice to see your comments, as it's likely you have
no other problems to this point to voice.  Right?


Derek Daily
Int'l Business 93...just thinking globally that's all.
90 CQ
86.5 VW qsw 

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> From:	capalmer@baynetworks.com [SMTP:capalmer@baynetworks.com]
> > *If you're comparing the RS2 "few-off" to the widely available S6 US
> version
> > I'm struggling a bit.  But understand the depreciation comment
> > nonetheless...
> > 
> > Derek Daily
> > S6 Wagon Lover / Hater (you decide)
>  But Derek,  the S6 wagon is NOT widely available in the US.
>  AFAIK, only a small number (around 400?) were imported, compared
>  to a couple of thousand S6 sedans.