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Re: 86 4kq instrument lights

Thanks Drew!
I know I do not know everything but try to help whenever I can
and I do know my 4kq inside/out pretty well after having to fix everything
any other 4kq replacement questions just ask me...
ATTN EVERYONE: lubricate your turnk latch/lock assembly NOW!!!
mine broke and I had speaker boxes so I had to get a BF hammer and a big
@ss screwdriver luckily no damage done to trunk and had a replacement
out of a 5k parts car.. rekeyed it and it works great!!

rich andrews
> Kudo's to Rich !  Great description here !  I was going to respond to Dom's
> e-mail, but why bother, can't beat this one.  
> Dom, taking apart your instrument cluster IS really that easy.  I was brave
> enough to try it 5 years ago, without help.  Had no problems, but just be
> careful of the small plastic pieces.
> Later,
> Drew. 
> Drew C. Boggs 
> dboggs@sequent.com
> 864kCSQ with good Cluster lights !