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'95 S6 Conversation

Is the flashing oil light the service reminder? The only way to stop it is
to have it reset at your dealer,or get a VAG 1551 for about $3500 or so,
or... order software. When I called the dealer they said I might as well
have them change the oil because the charge to reset the service indicator
was the same either way. I bought the software. It works and its easy.
My brakes feel fine. They should. This car has 42000mi. It should not need
anything but maintainence for some time I would hope. I'm a little slow. Is
the "bomb" the pressure accumulator located down in under front left?  I
also am going to need some tires in the spring. This winter I will be
running Blizzacks. The car came with two sets of wheels, tires. Winters are
mounted on the stock (Avus?) wheels and Dunlop SP2000 on Borbet Type C for
summer. I think I'd like to sell the Borbets. I've been thinking about
getting a full set (5, 1 for the trunk) of 17" BBS RC wheels.  The Dunlop
tires are NOT very impressive. Perhaps I'm biased because I hate the SP8000
so much.
I put them on my Porsche 928. They are slippery. I balanced the suspension
on the alignment rack using a set of Longacre digital scales. Checked
alignment etc. I hate SP8000s. I put Yokohama AVS Intermediates on my '87
5ktq. Love them. Probably will do the same for the S6. Mabe even on the
Porsche. Also, have been considering the Bridgestone Pole Position or
Yokohama Nexus or S-1. Too bad you can't try before you buy. Fortunatly the
SP8000s wore out in 15000 miles so I won't have to endure them next summer.
I went through reciepts to get you the # and found I was mistaken. It was
Adirondack Auto Brokers that I bought my manuals from. # is 518.882.6534.
They have an 800 # but I don't have it. Check 800.555.1212. Again I've gone
on too long.