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RE: Door Open Noise

	Take a screwdriver to the relay under the dash.  You cant take the
relay out as it does other things to but there is a speaker on the end.
Just demolish the speaker with a srewdriver and all "chime functions" will
be permanently turned Off.   At least this is my way of doing it, may be a
better one.  Of Course, you lose the chime that tells you your lights are
on if you do this :-)

>84 4ks?    Also, does anyone know the address of a website that had/has a
>bunch of Audi commercial clips?  I accidentally deleted the one I
>downloaded and want it back!  Thanks!       Ron                                           

	Uhhh, I think its    http://www.volkswagen.org/
Hope that helps

	Todd Phenneger
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