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ur-quattro "IST" Documents

Well, I got my order in from Dyment Distribution yesterday ... so now I can
positively confirm that it is possible to get the original "IST" documents
for the Quattro Turbo Coupe from them.  I had made copies for people in the
past because I did not think they were available, but from now on as long as
Dyment has them I'll refer folks there.  Dyment can be contacted at
(800.544.8021).  Here is the order information:

Order #
WSP 451 556 00 - Audi Quattro Introductory Service Training Manual
WSP 451 557 00 - Audi Quattro Maintenance and Adjustments Manual

FYI, the former document gives a good overview of the systems of the car
(engine, brakes, drive train, etc.) ... with a good bit of theory of
operation, while the latter document describes things like torque specs and
troubleshooting procedures (like what to do when your fuel pump shuts down
at 4000 RPM :).  These documents go into such detail as to describe the
timing and boost maps that are programmed into the F/TCU.  I can't seem to
remember the price exactly, but I think it is either US$10 or $15 each.  

As I mentioned before, they also happen to have owners manuals for just
about every car out there ... so if you always wanted one for your car (as I
did for the '85 4kSQ) you can get it from Dyment.  I also picked up one for
an '85 QTC ... wishful thinking I suppose.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)