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Avant Stereo stuff

Hi Larry/List -- I forgot the upgrade info:

I went with a Sony CDX-C610 CD player from Crutchfield -- it was on sale for
about $300. Check out their online site -- they sometimes have great prices
on closeout head units. The key features I was looking for were: red or
amber lighting, detach face, and digital skip protection. Since I got this
unit about two years ago (it was in my 90 90Q20v before this), I've seen
them with these features for even less. I've had no problems with it and the
digital anti-skip is awesome on rutted, dirt, logging roads. I haven't made
it skip yet.

I replaced the front speakers (BTW, my system is non-bose, too), with some
Boston Acoustic 4" coaxials. I put blockers on these so they wouldn't try to
reproduce too much bass. I guess I'm too cheap for a electronic X-over).
These were about $75 locally. Most 4" speakers come in a version for
European cars. make sure you get those. I had to do some trimming of the
speaker housing in the dash, but you can't see it when you get the speakers
in. I used the stock grills.

For the rear, I mounted 5" Boston Co-axials in the stock location. I left
the useless little tweeter there, but it isn't hooked to anything. The stock
grills are part of the speaker, so you can't reuse them. I still need to get
grills... someday. In the left side storage compartment, I have a 6.5"
powered bazooka tube, and a 4x30 watt clean ADS amp on a board mounted to
the sheetmetal. The amp runs the front and rears -- with a splitter for the
rear channels directing a signal to the powered tube.

Frankly, it sounds pretty tasty for a self-installed, moderate-buck system.
The 6.5" tube can't do the window rattling rapp bass boom, but it does more
than enough justice for the alternative/elctronica that I listen to. It's
also got lots of clean power for jazz and acoustic stuff.

Have fun.

Seattle, WA
89 200 tqw