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Re: CIS mixture adjustment keeps getting lost. Why?

R Justin Andrews writes:
> Ok, this is an '84 5k right???
> Those are not CIS but K-jetronic injection... I believe there is a difference..


CIS = K-Jetronic
CIS-E = KE-Jetronic

CIS is VW/Audi terminology, whereas Jetronic is Bosch-speak.

K comes from the German word "Kontinuous", and CIS stands for "Continuous
Injection System".  The letter E is for electronic.  The CIS-E/KE-Jet
systems use a electronically controlled differential pressure regulator
on the fuel metering unit for mixture control.  The earlier CIS/K-Jet
systems are all mechanical (except for the early 80s K-lambda systems
which have a ECU-controlled frequency valve and OXS.  The control-pressure
regulator (aka "warm-up regulator") is primarily found on CIS/K-Jet
cars, but some CIS-E/KE-Jet systems also have them.

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