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Need Help Understanding Fualt Codes 88 90q

Over the past few months i have noticed a drop in the cars power.
I finally ran the fault codes last night and I came up with 5 of them.  I 
understand some of them but i need help with some of the others.  Also if 
anyone else has pulled these codes, I'd like any input as well.  Here is 
what I read and a brief description according to the Bentley manuel. 

Engine Code:
2142: Knock Sensor - Defective Sensor or Wiring - I can't find anything 
about this in the Bentley.  If anyone knows where it is listed please 
help me.

Fuel Injection Codes:  
2132: No Data Being transmitted from fuel injection control unit to 
ignition control unit.  This is a CA only code.  I hope it is just a 
wiring problem.  If anyone has any better explanation of this, please 
help me here.

2341: Oxygen sensor control -Oxygen sensor control operating at rich or 
lean limit

2342: Oxygen Sensor - No signal from sensor-  I think I am just going to 
replace the sensor for these two.  Anyone have other ideas?

2123: Full Throttle Switch - I think this needs to be replaced, the car 
is 10 years old and i am almost positive it needs to be replaced.

If anyone has some insight to these PITAs, please lend me some advice.

Mike Robinson
Santa Clara, CA
1988 Audi 90 Quattro 10v
169,000 miles
2B Coilovers, Scorpion Exhaust, Koni Yellows, K&N, MSW Superturismos w/ 
215ZR40 16's, Ate Power disc breaks, & Nokian Snow Tires for going