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Re: CIS mixture adjustment keeps getting lost. Why?

In message <367A07F3.AD95D19F@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:
> > Ok, this is an '84 5k right???
> > Those are not CIS but K-jetronic injection... I believe there is a difference..
> > Yours has the exterior warm up regulator (on the driver's side of the block)
> > Two fuel lines running to it?? C
> sounds like a darn good place to start looking.  But the right way to
> test the WUR is with a fuel pressure gauge set.  The control pressure
> should start when cold around 50 psi and drop to about 15 as it warms
> up.

Nah.  Arse about.  Control pressure _rises_ with temperature.

(See Probst - chapter 5, page 20.  "As the control-pressure regulator
 and its bimetal arm warm up, control-pressue increases.")

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