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Re: Alternator Woes - take 2

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

> >And if that is acceptable and I relay my headlights, running 14.4V to
> >bulbs designed for 13.5 (or so) will shorten the live expectancy of the
> >bulb, won't it? I think I would be better off to add a resistor into the
> >circuit to cut the voltage down by 1 volt to 13.4V.
> No, no, no. All is well. Celebrate and be happy.

OK, OK!!! 14.4 at the battery is Good. When I get around to relaying the
headlights, I WON'T worry about a resistor. After I got one reply back, I
happened to think that the wiring and the relays will provide a small amount
of resistance so I wouldn't get the full 14.4 volts. Someone suggested not
using relays, NO good. And I do plan to install a relay system to pull power
directly from the battery, because I measured voltage at the headlights
[with the engine running] and I was only getting 12.8volts, less if
accessories were switched on. According to a past post, that would mean I'm
only getting about 85% of total light output capability. I'd rather get

Thanks for all the input. The list of fixes/upgrades just never seems to get
any smaller, and finding the time is next to impossible. :-)

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