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"GM versus AUDI". Hey, why not Yugo vs. MB?

All this talk reminds me of the time I yanked the plow truck out of my
former communal driveway with my 84 4kq. the guy had overrun his snow pile
and was up against a wall, facing slightly downhill. I asked him if he had a
chain, he said no. I walked into my barn, grabbed a chain and drove up
behind his truck. As I wrapped the chain around the bumper support, he
looked at me real funny and asked " You gonna pull me out with that?"

I said "Yup"

Wrapped the chain around his trailer hitch and pulled out the diff locks.
Yanked him right out, got so much traction on the packed snow/ice that I
actually screwed up and stalled it. Had to lay on the horn to keep him from
running over me.

Needless to say, he was impressed.