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RE: Driveshaft bearing question

Lino said

> Some of you asked for the bimmer part #, so here it is: BMW part # 26 12 1
> 209 532.  This is the bearing that listers have used on 4kq's and QTC's
> nobody has confirmed BTDT's on 5k's.  Furthermore, it appears that Andrew
> D.
> tried it on his 89 100Q and it did not fit.  
It doesn't.  Use Mercedes P/N Rubber cap: 1234101081 (thanks to Igor).

> Andrew also pointed out,  and I
> confirmed it, that Blau (www.audiquattroparts.com/blau1.htm) has 5k
> driveshaft bearings for US$159.  That's obviously the right choice.
Not really.  Buy the $30 P/n supplied above.  Drill and punch the bracket
off the old center bearing and the new one and weld the old one onto the
Mercedes part.  Voila.  And just in case anybody thinks this can't be done,
Frank Bauer and I are both driving on this repair.  Works great.  Also, I
think Mike may do it for less than Blau, you supply old center bearing.

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 108km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo
TransGlobal Financial  (818) 384-7600
Mergers, Acquisitions, Public Offerings

> Thanks
> Lino
> 86 5ktqw
> 83 Ur-Q