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Re: Inner CV joint circlip - thanks!

Dave wrote:

> and finally got it together the right way.  When assembled properly you
> should be able to push in and pull out...changing the overall length of the
> assembly.  I think when mine was assembled "backwards" I couldn't do that
> and it felt tight.

Yes indeed I did it wrong. Very tight.  Brought the axle shaft to 
work today and asked a mechanic as well as looked at it while I'm 
reading this.  The inner bearing holder short slots must apparently 
match to the outer housing wide slots .. seems the two times I 
located the inner race into place it
was short to short.  
Well, I suppose anyone whose done this knows what I'm talking 
about.  Thanks all and I will now have a running 80 by tonight for 
impressing the opposite sex.  (she's obviously easily impressed)

Peter Gotseff