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Re: 4kq Battery Drain

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, DeWitt Harrison wrote:

> I think you are on the right track.


> With a charged battery, i.e. after you've driven around for a while, disconnect
> the battery ground strap and connect a current meter between the negative
> terminal and ground. With all electrical consumers off, including the interior
> lights, you should not see more than a few mA depending on the model. I
> usually read less than 20 mA in my 88 5kcs. You will probably see something
> more like a few hundred mA. Then pull all the fuses one at a time to identify
> the circuit pulling the juice. (This will kill your radio programming, etc.
> Sorry.)

	Boo, Hoo.  It's dead anyhow from dead battery. (pulled it out to
charge it)  I have a suspect culprit.  I dont think the rear/trunk dome
light is turning off.  That would be enough to drain it overnight since I
only drive a few minutes each day right now.  Cold weather too.  I'll try
you method and try it with it plugged in and unplugged and see what