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Two-piece manifold photo...

I got a message from someone this morning looking for the URL of the photo I
posted way-back-when of Audi's two-piece exhaust manifold.  He said there's
been some discussion about it recently and after some digging, I was able to
find this: http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/HTML/2pieceEM.htm ... I recall
having taken some detail shots of it as well but I'm not sure whether I ever
uploaded them or not.  If I did, then I don't remember where I stashed them.

I never did get around to tearing my Audi pages down as threatened (promised?)
but will probably be doing so during the next few weeks to accomodate another

JG (aka "audi-dudi" and, Yes, I'm still temporarily stuck in AOL-hell)