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Re: $1100 to fix the "worn pads" warning? Please tell me it ain't so...

In a message dated 12/18/98 1:21:04 PM Pacific Standard Time,
jenkinsg@pilot.msu.edu writes:

<< Thanks for the suggestion, but it appears to be somewhere "upstream" of the
wires themselves. At first, with the wires just connected together, it all
seemed to work, but that may have just been the effect of the contact cleaner
on the back of the display unit...
I'm going to go through the wiring with care this weekend and hopefully find a
break somewhere. If not, it's a choice between replacing the electronics,
partially disabling the display or living with the problem, >>

Based on what you're saying it sounds like the break in the wire is inside the
dash, or on the display PCB. I have not seen an S4 instrument cluster apart
but imagine it consistes of a circuit board with flex connector type things
like earlier models. I feel your pain as I do know that the little triangle is
annoying. My guess is that it is still an open connection someplace. 

It is a common practice (and usualy wrong) to change the biggest and most
unknown box rather than doing proper troubleshooting, especially when it comes
to automotive electronics. Hence your $1100.00 estimate. A good case in point
is my fiance's ovlov where the first owner payed ~ $3k for a dealership to
replace each "black box" only to find a poor running problem still there (cuz
it was broken wahrs...like in all ovlovs it seems). There is no substitute for
proper troubleshooting...only use the shotgun when all else fails.

I hope you can nail this one...sounds like time to get out the meter and
soldering iron. Let us know how you fare.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq