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FS: 15x6 Audi 100 wheels (5 bolt)


Just in time for winter snow tires, I have a set of 15x6, 5-bolt Audi 100
wheels for sale.  They are pearl white and in good condition.  These are
the six spoke, flat faced, NO huge center cap type wheels found on the
later ('92+ I think) cars.

Unlike the earlier wheels, they don't have a big center cap to lose or
funky deep set slots to trap brake dust and snow/ice.

Offset is 45mm.  Price: $250 obo plus shipping from Portland, OR.

P.S. Just because I'll probably get a ton of enquiries from 4kq, 80/80, and
coupe/CQ owners, these wheels are FIVE (5) bolt, and won't work on your
cars unless you've done a conversion!

Best Regards,

John Karasaki
"Alle Rowdies fahren Audis"

'82 urq (now new and improved)
'86 4kq (coil-over/5-bolt conversion in process)
'87 coupe gt (rebuilder, clean title, 110k miles - For Sale $800)
'87 5ktqw (daily beast of burden)
'87 5ktqw (parts car after tree incident - parts 'o plenty)
'90 V8 (wife's; soon to have Boxster brakes!)